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Something happened on the Skytrain today...

Let me start by saying this: it's not an abnormal thing to see drunk guys on the train, making fun of others in a drunken stupor for how they look, and all at the same time, very loudly, and right next to you. It's also not an abnormal thing, however, to see me having what I call...

a #ShizuoHeiwajimaMoment.

If you like Durarara!!, you get the idea as to what is supposed to happen next. =w=;;;;

Anyhoo. Usually, I'd keep my mouth shut. I'd be fuming, but keeping my mouth shut.

However, I DO know when someone crosses the line. And these guys were, in the words of Joey Tribiani of Friends, so far from the line that "the line [was] a dot to them!" =___=##

You do not, I repeat, DO NOT, publicly humiliate people, ESPECIALLY if they are complete strangers.

Let me just get that out in the open so that you guys don't start judging me. OnO///

I had this... out-of-body experience??? IDK OTL
ALL I KNOW is that suddenly I found myself saying, "WILL YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP?!"

Now, in all fairness, these guys may be drunk, but you could tell that in, any other situation, they're pretty smart and respected. But, that didn't stop me from speaking my mind.

They said, "Well, that's rude."

"I'M RUDE? YOU'RE rude for making fun of people for how they look, what they wear... Are you two stupid?!"

(Oh wow, I'm shaking even at the thought of it... I was shaking HARD when I did this.)

In the back of my mind, I hear the other side of my scream, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! YOU IDIOT, SHUT UP!! URUSAIURUSAIURUSAI!! QAQ///"

But, I kept going. I went on to say how disrespectful they are, how rude they are, how, even if you've "finished your beer" at a Skytrain station, you're STILL under the influence, therefore, you're STILL going to get a DUI ticket. OTL

It's playoff season. I get it, okay? But, I still don't think that gives you a right to make fun of everyone, drunken stupor or not. =___=###

At one point, they started talking bad about me... RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.
This is where my Shizuo moment came in.

"I oughta hit you two right now."

"Please don't." (At least they were nice about it.)


Before I had said anything, everybody kept silent, only showing that they were uncomfortable with the situation. One girl even laughed at the situation, calling it "funny." (Where the hell have you been?)

As SOON as I made that "Shizuo" comment, and the two drunk dudes started arguing back, a guy from the back suddenly stood up and said, "You know what you should do? You should just shut the fuck up."

I appreciate his help. I really do. However, now that I think about it, I don't think it was a) the right time to say that and b) a bit too much on the aggressive side.

HE TRIED TO PUNCH THE DUDES! I couldn't let him do that! I stopped him and said, "They're not worth it." (Wow, cliched much? OTL)

But... they followed my lead.



I can't tell anyone in real life. Word spreads too quickly. You may have seen me tweet all this, but... nobody REALLY knows who I am on Twitter, except for a select few, whom I can trust to keep my identity a secret.

At the same time, I don't WANT to keep it in. While it is more of an identity and protection thing, I also want to inspire others to do the same. EVERY PERSON who responded to my tweet, "Is speaking your mind really considered brave?", answered "Yes" in some shape or form.

I don't want that.

I want others to be able to stand up for not just themselves, but for others as well. I was the youngest one on that Skytrain, and yet, I was the only one that stood up and said, "Shut up. You're making fools of others and yourselves." Nobody did anything until AFTER I had done something.

I don't want people to be the bystanders who follow the leader. Hell, I want people to BE the leader!

So, for those of you who are reading this, I encourage you to speak your mind. To stop what troubles you, and not wait for someone else to do it for you. Because, chances are, nobody else will.

"They say it's better to regret doing something, rather than regret not doing it, right?"
~Ryoko Asakura (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

But, please remember to be careful as well! I was lucky to have others with me, but please don't do it if you can't protect yourself, or don't have someone who can support you! Don't do anything dangerous unless you're willing to take on the responsibilities of the consequences! Doing something brave only to be a coward later is pointless, and shows cowardice even more than the act itself, so please be wise about your decisions! QAQ///


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